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Creative Commons License

This work is under a license Attribution-Non commercial-Share alike. 3.0 Spain Creative Commons.

The research project Names and Voices, with participation of the three Galician Universities (A Coruña, Santiago de Compostela and Vigo), is the owner of the texts and images on this website, and decides to free them under a license Creative Commons share alike, requiring attribution to the original author and lack of profit.

Data for the victim's database were extracted from diverse works and documents, most of them of public domain and other subject to copyright, but in no case do they represent a substantial or significant part of such works, neither do the data of a single and concrete document represent a significant or substantial part of the whole database.

Integrating such data into a complex database and their final drafting are tasks developed by the research project Names and Voices, who decided to free them under the same licence Creative Commons share alike, requiring attribution to the original author and lack of profit.

This means that both the texts and images on this web, included in the victim database may be used by anyone, as long as origin is mentioned, as long as no direct or indirect profit is obtained, and as long as the resulting product includes the same licence CC-BY-NC-SA.

Source code

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licence The database was developed, both in terms of its computing structure as well as in terms of the web browsing processes, by the company A navalla suíza, using free software. The site has been built under frameworks phpCan (php) and cSans (css), both under licence GNU GPLv3.

The source code of this tool, with the desired parameters by the research project Names and Voices, is published so that it may be used by third parties. The licence with which this source code is distributed is GNU GPLv3.

This means that its software may be copied and modified freely as long as it is distributed in the same licensing conditions. A detailed description of the terms of this licensing agreement may be found at the web of FSF.

Feedback and comments on this application are welcome, and may be sent to equipo@anavallasuiza.com


You can download the source code and the database in format tar.gz. To decompress these packets we recommend using the free application 7-Zip

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