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The victims’ database is the outcome of the project Names and Voices, organised and supported by the three Galician Universities: Universidade da Coruña, Universidade de Santiago de Compostela and Universidade de Vigo. The leading researcher is Lourenzo Fernández. Coordinators are Emilio Grandío, Xosé Manoel Núñez, Dionisio Pereira, Julio Prada and María Jesús Souto. Researchers are Andrés Domínguez, Gustavo Hervella, Chus Martínez, Antonio Míguez, Xurxo Pantaleón, Mónica Rocha and Antonio Somoza.

Data available for the public are under their responsibility.

Web access to the data was developed by A navalla suíza. The development of this tool started in May 2009.


This web operates using free software. The server runs under Debian Sarge. Pages are served by Apache 2.0.

The site is built using frameworks phpCan (php) and cSans (css).


The typeface used for the logo is Futura designed by Paul Renner and published by Adobe in its digital version. The remaining typefaces used are Arial and to a lesser extent Georgia, both published by Microsoft. The website’s main colours are blue (#172983) and red (#E2001A).

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