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You have two main ways of searching the data base:

  • A simple search, writing a name, surname, place, nickname, etc.
  • An advanced search, where you can fill in different fields.

You can also run an advanced search directly with the following syntax:
field:value , which searches for a person having that value in that field. For example: event:execution will search all the people who were executed. If you write field:"value of several words", you can search for complex values. For example: surname:"García Ferreiro", will search all the García Ferreiro, but not Ferreiro García.

Besides, you can directly elicit a combined search. If you use the syntax field:field value:value, you will search all registries fulfilling both criteria. For example, sex:female event:execution (without a hyphen only with a space in between) will give back all the women who were executed, but not all men who were, or women who were sentenced to life imprisonment.

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