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Documentary sources accessed

This database is of course not definitive, neither in terms of numbers nor in terms of the time repression lasted during dictatorship, or in terms of the forms it took. Only murders and military judicial processes are gathered here.

However, all data we submit have been critically analysed, cross referenced and therefore subjected to checks and validation, which is not always easy.

The most important basis for the data presented are the files of judicial processes (2,608, with over 400,000 pages), civil registries in town councils (310), oral sources (460 interviews, of which we show data of the first 100), published works by different authors in the past decades (52) —we are still waiting to gain access to 68 parish records—.

A critical approach to the sources and cross referencing, which helps avoid duplications, was performed after gathering the data to develop the information presented here. It is incomplete, as history always is. But, regarding the data published, we are sure that all included here are worthy of being in the database, while not all worthy of it are included...

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