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Names and voices

The research project "Names and Voices" began in 2006, thanks to an agreement signed by the three Galician Universities with the Galician Ministry for Culture, in order to study repression in Galicia during the Civil War and Franco's dictatorship, to compile information and supply data relevant to the victims. It is therefore an historical research starting with the coup d'état of 1936, the war and the beginning of dictatorship, which aims at an in depth and complete study of these processes.

A specific database gathering the data and specific repression events suffered by each victim is now (2009) made public, as part of the work developed.

The database will be in permanent progress, and it will incorporate new names as they are uncovered in new documentary sources and new contrasted information is presented. The database is also subjected to the amendment of mistakes, a task that will indeed call for the cooperation of the families of the victims, who may contribute to improve incorrect information and who may also fill the gaps in terms of the documentation used or incorporate new data.

The time framework of this research phase is the period 1936-1939, but data from victims of later years is also included, as they appeared during the research process.

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